These Emoji are so excited that they clench their fists or grab things with their Grabby hands.

There are so many hands to choose from. These Emoji hands are made of characters like d and b, ෆු and ෆු , ლ, as well as the tiny character.

Grabby Hands Kaomoji
(⁼̴̀ૢ꒳​⁼̴́ૢ๑)ෆු(˃ர்˂)ෆු(ٛɲ˃ ˑ̣̮ ˂ٛɳ)
d(๑꒪່౪̮꒪່๑)b( ˃̆ૢ௰˂̆ૢഃ )ლ(꒪ヮ꒪)ლ
૮(ᶿ̴͈᷇ॢ௰ᶿ̴͈᷆ॢ)ა✧∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗б(>ε<)∂